Eda Schottenstein

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Eda Schottenstein

My Story

I’m Eda Schottenstein, wife of an incredibly talented serial entrepreneur and trailblazer, mom of four awesome kids, and creator of the Multi-Role Woman™ platform.

Most people in my life see me as successful, creative, talented, and smart, but what they don’t see is me struggling to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities.

I am constantly trying to be a present and focused mom, be a supportive wife to the busiest man I know, prepare for several trips a month, make sure assignments are turned in on time, cook and host dinners, check items off my never-ending task list, and stay organized in the process...and do it all with the challenges of ADHD (and a little self-doubt always thrown in the mix).

What started out as a quest to figure out my own chaotic mind, led me to immerse myself in studying Psychology and mental health counseling. I became a voracious consumer of self-help books, and throughout my bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, every time I read, researched, studied, or heard something of value, I pulled out my laptop or notebook and jotted it down.

Eda Schottenstein

Before long, I had amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and information that were life changing for me and had a deep desire to share it...but I didn’t know where to start.

Honestly, I felt unworthy of acting as an “expert” when I still had so much to learn, until I discovered Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection – a book that singlehandedly altered the course of my life. Through Brené’s teachings, I began to see beyond the confines of my own self-judgment.

I discovered that whatever knowledge I had wasn’t mine to keep and reaching beyond concerns about how I would come off or sound, I found my way to a deeper question: what was the message that I had to share?

The words “How can I serve YOU?” were always my modus operandi as a certified people pleaser, so why not use it as a starting point for my purpose!

So many of us are under stress, trying to manage multiple roles, and often putting others’ needs before their own (sometimes unconsciously). The Multi-Role Woman’s world was birthed to support those who are living with the scarcity mindset of being asked to do so much in our every role, without feeling like we’re ever enough.

Through this journey I’ve learned the value of struggle and the human capacity to transform them into opportunities for self-reflection and change. I knew I wasn’t alone in longing for greater focus, greater peace, and a better self-image, yet, for so long, it was so difficult to talk about it.

That changes today. I am here to share research-backed strategies that have changed the lives of thousands of women around the country. I share this with you with the hope that even though we may be afraid, we will be brave enough to step up and show up anyway.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a better life!

Your journey starts here!!