“Keep redefining the problem until you arrive at the root cause.”     -Einstein Imagine you are walking along a river bank, and you see

As a mom of four school aged children and wife to an adventurous serial entrepreneur, trying to get work done while completing my graduate’s degree

Normally at this hour (7 am), I am waking my kids up (I have four) to get them ready for school. Today, I am sitting

By: Eda Schottenstein Note the following statements: 1.     Being open about your flaws and struggles helps you live a more authentic and purposeful life (Mask off).

An Open Letter to Shame Dear Shame,  I’ve known you for a while now. You were introduced to me when I was little. You showed

To what extent is your perceived worth contingent on the way you look?  If you gained twenty pounds tomorrow, would you feel less worthy of

Battling Indecisiveness and People Pleasing Tendencies. Beware the classic scenario: You just said yes (again) and immediately feel pangs of regret. You are asked to

Ladies Small Talking

You know that twenty second elevator ride with a stranger that feels more like twenty minutes? The ache of the silence and that awkward feeling