The Multi-Role Master Coaching Program

Become the protagonist of your life
story and go from juggling to joyful!

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The Multi-Role Master Coaching Program

Become the protagonist of your life
story and go from juggling to joyful!


Life as a Multi-Role Woman® isn’t easy. Most days you wonder just how you manage to do it all!

The Multi-Role Master Coaching Program is designed to help you attain the focus,
confidence, and identity you need to master life as a Multi-Role Woman®.

What would your success story look like
if nothing got in the way?

This journey is for you if...

- You feel like you have too much on your plate with the time to get everything done
- You have a lingering feeling of stress that you just can’t shake
- You want to learn more about your own values and desires
- You long for greater self-discovery and personal fulfillment

In The Multi-Role Master Coaching Program,

you’ll build greater self-awareness and self-image,
as you access the “Life Hacks” – the tools and strategies – designed to make all of your tasks (big and small) that much easier...all while giving you the focus, balance, and inner peace you’ve been longing for.

Together, we will help you:

  • Paint the picture of your success story
  • Awaken to your goals, values and the principles by which you live
  • Manage the chaos and discover greater stability
  • Minimize how much you rely on external forces for your own success
  • Take strides toward your dreams, rather than feeling stuck in the day-to-day
  • Clarify what your success looks like and being to work toward it (without any pressure about the outcome)
  • Create an actionable plan (of manageable steps) for your future

What you will get:

- 5 x 50-min coaching calls
- Open email access to me!
- Weekly exercises to grow your confidence and multi-role skillset
- An invaluable Multi-Role Master Toolkit

You have the power to choose your direction, and when you do,
the balance and inner peace you’ve been seeking will fall into place.

The only thing standing between you and your dreams is your mindset.

Let me help you build an unstoppable Multi-Role Woman® Mindset and become the protagonist of your life!

Multi-Role Master Coaching Program

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