LIFE HACK: Double Down by Doubling Up!

For the longest time, lasagna has been my all-time favorite dish – to eat, though not so much prepare. The trouble is that now, my kids love it more than I do!

While it’s not difficult to make lasagna, it can be time consuming. Sound much like many things in our lives, right?

Here’s a hack you can use when you make your next batch of lasagna or any “easy but time-consuming” recipes.
Lasagna Life Hack:

  1. Double up your recipes whenever you can. I do this with pretty much everything I make that is freezable.. and what takes an additional 5-10 minutes when preparing the dishes together as a family, saves you an hour in the long haul. Most food freezes beautifully (my kids have no idea), so let the freezer be your new best friend. Having a second lasagna or any dish in the freezer not only saves you time, it can save your butt on those days when the kids are hangry and you just don’t feel like cooking ( and let’s be real, takeout will never compare to a home cooked meal- even from the freezer).
  2. Throw in some “me time”. I LOVE listening to podcasts, but can only actually pay attention when I cook dinner that I can basically cook with my eyes closed. For the dishes we make that don’t require much concentration, we can double the benefit of that time by taking in insights from great teachers, having a good-for-the-soul laughs, or gaining clarity of ourselves, our time feels like a win-win. Some of my favorite podcasts include Oprah’s SuperSoul conversations and Rachel Hollis’s Rise podcast.

    The only way we can gain the time we want for focus, inner peace, and the pursuit of our calling is to begin to reclaim our time. The Multi-Role Woman knows how to double down on this mission by doubling up on her food prep.

    Now let’s take a quick moment of gratitude to whoever invented the freezer – they must have had the Multi-Role Woman in mind.

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