Quarantine Life: Coping 101.

Normally at this hour (7 am), I am waking my kids up (I have four) to get them ready for school. Today, I am sitting on my balcony, watching the sunrise. With the exception of a few cars driving by, it’s completely quiet. 

I haven’t read the news yet, because I know what’s coming. The Corona Pandemic continues to wreak havoc everywhere, and the situation will likely get worse before it gets better. 

Scary things are happening around the world. People are dying, jobs are being lost, the world is in complete chaos. I try to remember that it’s not all terrible. There are many people who are feeling more gratitude for little things that previously went unnoticed (like toilet paper or simply stepping outside for fresh air). I find it strangely funny when people insist eyebrow waxing is as essential as basic household items.

 I’ve seen my fair share of memes from frustrated parents wanting out- some drinking alcohol while their kids are tied up in the background. I can’t say I find that very funny.

Despite the ups and downs, and wanting this to be over, a big part of me takes solace knowing that in the days ahead, there are no travel plans, and I have nowhere to be.

When we encounter life’s inevitables, coping mechanisms will vary from person to person. During this unprecedented  pandemic, introverts might not experience the same social withdrawals that extroverts will. People who have had exposure to the virus will likely experience more worry than those who have had no exposure.

Some of us choose to snack on skittles (me), while others are making healthier food choices.

Some of us are shutting down and feeling intense pressure while others are seizing the moment and becoming more productive than they have ever been. I’m guilty of both. 

What I believe is most important is not how we cope with the days ahead (beyond being diligent about social distancing and staying safe) , but that we let go of expectations that burden us, and relieve ourselves of the pressure to do anything we don’t feel equipped to manage.

Let’s give ourselves permission to stop apologizing for how we are managing these chaotic times.

See the post below for some of the tips I use to stay sane during quarantine.

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There’s something about this evening that has me feeling calm during this chaos and uncertainty. No homework, no morning rush to worry about, nowhere to be, no lectures or events to attend, no assignment deadlines, just the present moment and the hope that things go back to normal as soon as possible, but in the meantime I will be committed to gratitude .. for the little things. For toilet paper, for those who have their health, for perishable foods, for food, period. Let’s be grateful for every meaningful and intentional moment we can gift ourselves and our loved ones. Reposting the tips that help me stay sane – because the more we see them the more likely they are to stick. 1. Create a daily plan/schedule in advance. It doesn’t have to be set in stone- just tentative. Leave some room to compare what you had planned to do and what you actually ended up doing. This is a great way to be accountable for the way you spend your time. After all, time is the most precious UNRENEWABLE resource. It’s not just about productivity. It’s about being intentional and doing the things that fuel you. 2. Shared activities: Find activities that both you and your kids/family enjoy. It’s more important that YOU enjoy them because ultimately if you’re stressed out and overwhelmed you will pass the negative energy along to others and no one wins. 3. Fit exercise into your schedule. You don’t need to go to the gym .. simply putting music on and moving your body is awesome !!! 4. Wake up one hour before your kids. I just joined the @5amclub and I’m loving every second of it!! Thank you @msrachelhollis for this inspiration!! Use this time to do something that fuels YOU.. Ie- I love to sip my hot cappuccino and read the latest research on my laptop. 5. Get dressed as though your day is like any other. Put lipstick on even if you’re not going anywhere … research shows that people who do this are more productive and feel better throughout the day…. And PLEASE!! don’t forget to eat !! Especially if you’re the hangry type ! Lastly, stay connected!!! #coronadiaries #quarantinetipsandtricks #multirolewoman #intentionality #starttoday

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