LIFE HACK: The Art of Chore Swapping

Call me crazy, or it is easy to help a friend clear the table at her house, but oh-so-daunting to clear our own?

When our friends host dinner, I find myself having a much easier time helping clear the table and rinse off the dishes. In my own house, it’s a different story. I’d much rather go to bed with unwashed dishes than have to clean the kitchen, even if it means waking up to something that looks like a tornado (or hurricane- this is Miami after all) crashed through it.

As Multi-Role Women, we’re always going to have inevitable everyday tasks – the ones that we know only take a few minutes, but the thought of doing them weighs us down.

Some of us have help (and I’m a huge believer in making helpers a priority if at all possible), but help isn’t always available, and frankly, it isn’t always enough. So, if you’re like me and want to find a new and more efficient way to get things done, I’d like to propose the art of “Chore Swapping”!

Now hold on, this isn’t going where you think it is. By chore swapping, I don’t mean you and your friend clear each other’s tables or do each other’s dishes (unless of course you want to and doing so can really take a load off, pun intended). What I do mean is that you hold each other accountable for the things on your task list that need to get done.

Taking care of our everyday tasks is much more likely to happen when we do it for a friend, rather than solely for ourselves.

Find someone who is wiling to chore swap. Let her keep track of things for you and you can do the same for her. Accountability can spur us into action with greater ease and enjoyment, because it makes our everyday tasks a part of something bigger – as in, a promise to a friend.

Answering to someone leaves us more compelled to get things done and can help us focus more on each task as we do it.

When your schedule or task list feels overwhelming to manage, the answer is simple: have a friend manage it for you. Manage theirs in return. Make it fun.

Next step: exploring why we tend to be more reliable with others than with ourselves. I’m doing some research on that one and will get back to you on it! Stay tuned.

P.S. I’m thinking we should totally run with the “dish swap” idea as well. Just imagine, you get in a good walk (or run) in the fresh air post-dinner AND get home to a clean(er) house, and so does your friend! Now that’s a win-win!! Who’s in?!

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